Saturday, January 1, 2011

Frankie Campagna, Rest in Peace My Friend

 I woke up this morning to hear the most awful news I've ever heard in all my life the first day of a new year. Local musician and freind Frankie Campagna of the band Spector 45 passed away last night. I met Frankie nine years ago in Deep Ellum when we were both very young and playing in bands. His bands name, Spector 45 was always listed next to my bands name, Special Edword,  in local music listings and brochures.  Their was even a bit of a freindly rivalry between us because we were both the youngest bands down there to be playing sucessfully. Frankie Campagna was a hell of a good guy and I respected him emensely. He stuck to his talents and was true to himself and his art... which speaks volumes about the kind of person he was. I'll never forget seeing Spector 45 at the 2003 NMF in Deep Ellum playing in the bed of a vintage pickup. Frankie lived a genuine life and will be horribly missed. God bless you and your family Frankie.  My thoughts and prayers go to his father Frank Campagna senior and his lovely sister Amber Campagna. This has been a somber New Years Day.

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