Tuesday, October 21, 2014

THE ORANGE on FM Radio in California!

If you live in California around the Botega Bay area around tune in to KWTF October 24th and 25th to hear "Mr. Moneymaker" hit the airwaves this weekend! 

every week on air .. 3 times .. via http://www.KWTF.net/
Bodega Bay / California / USA
Friday at 11 PM > Saturday at 7am and 3 PM (also online)
California time

These past couple days Scott and Jason finished tracking the final song, "Skin" with Eric Delegard to be on THE ORANGE's forthcoming album. Again, an apology for the delay on the release but a great new song seems worth the wait. "Skin" is a solid number that guest stars Buddy Neighbors laying down sweet blues guitar riffs throughout. The tune really sounds amazing. The Orange should be finishing up the whole record next week and are looking at an early Spring 2015 release now.

In other news both "James Bond" and "Mr. Moneymaker" have been making the rounds on several FM radio stations in both Spain and Germany again!


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

THE ORANGE now getting regular rotation play on FM 104.8 Radio Marabu, Europe's Alternative Music Station!

THE ORANGE's "Mr. Money Maker" will now be added to regular rotation on FM 104.8 Radio Marabu/ Europe's Alternative Music, based in Osnabruck, Germany. It will make its debut on the Gitarre X Show! 

This primarily Alternative music station is known for being one of the first to spin music by The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Nada Surf and The Libertines. There is one underground German musician and critic to thank for this privilege .....Thank you again Lord Litter! 

You too can hear THE ORANGE on FM104.8 Radio Marabu right here: www.radiomarabu.de


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

THE ORANGE'S "Mr. Moneymaker" receiving radio play in Costa Blanca, Spain on 92.3FM

Starting this Sunday at approximately 11AM our single, "Mr. Moneymaker"will start receiving airplay in Costa Blanca Spain on 92.3FM on the, "Lord Litters 15 Minutes" show. If for some reason you find yourself in this seaside European paradise please tune in. Thank you Lord Litter for helping us spread our music in Europe with your awesome underground radio shows!
Check him out at www.lordlitter.de

Thursday, August 7, 2014

UPDATE: A few snapshots from the "Skin" sessions at Reeltime Audio in Denton Tx







1965 Silvertone "1484"

Production on "Skin" is going as smooth as a newborn baby's ass.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

THE ORANGE'S "James Bond" now receiving radio play in Berlin, Germany on Lord Litter's Magical Music Box Radio Show

                                            (Lord Litter's Magic Music Box International)

   For all of our German friends and American friends visiting Europe, tune in to Lord Litter's Magical Music Box Radio show on Radio Marabu European Network, Berlin Germany. Mr. Lord Litter has heard The Orange and happens to enjoy our ode to celebrity culture, "James Bond". Even better the, "naughty words" don't have to be edited on European radio stations! Scott can finally say all the bad words he wants to without those ugly splices interupting the songs. To listen in the States through web cast go here: www.radio-marabu.de
   Also, the Northern California based station KWTF will feature, "Mr. Moneymaker" too on Lord Litter's International Magical Music Box Radio Show.  A little closer to home and also available to listen to here: www.KWTF.net

                                             Thank you Lord Litter for all of your support!

                                    (Kirk Livesay recording at Reel Time Audio, Denton TX)

   In other news we have decided to go ahead and record the new Orange song, "Skin" adding it to our  record releasing this fall. We've had great reception of that song and have time to record one more for the album ....so we figured, why the hell not? The rest of the songs are completely mixed and finished and waiting to be sent to either Los Angeles or New York to be mastered. We are trying to decide who should master them. Sterling sound in New York has mastered records by everyone from Prince to The Vines to The Foo Fighters. Most recently they did The Horrors new album (which is amazing) Luminous and I love it. On the other coast of things Tom Baker in Los Angeles has worked with an amazing group of bands and mastered records by Stone Temple Pilots, 30 Seconds To Mars and Nine Inch Nails.  In the next 3 or 4 weeks we will be making a decision and going with it so we can finally get this record out and in stores... and in your hands!

                                    (The Orange at The Silverlake Lounge,  Los Angeles CA)

  After our trip back from Los Angeles we have more or less been taking a break from things. We came home and headlined The Double-Wide with our good friends Babe. Thank you to everyone who came out.  Then Scott, Melissa, Dan and Buddy did a great acoustic show at The Mohawk in Austin with a cool new band called Sonic Underground. That was a great show because of the intimate environment and the great group of old friends from Austin that we had a chance to see. A  flat tire at 4AM on the way back to Dallas from Austin was a real pain in the ass though. Thank god The Waffle House was open. Los Angeles was cool, and the crowd was great but I think we'll prefer playing New York next time we hit a coast. The Viper Room was awesome and it was interesting to see Scott Weiland's bass player there. He's a cool guy. Then Scott and Kirk had a chance to meet Priscilla Presley at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on The Sunset Strip and she was quite nice. That's really about it for that trip.

                                   (Lines of Los Angeles By Scott Tucker: Oil on Canvas, 2014)

  Scott has completed a new collection of paintings and sculptures based on both experiences and songs of THE ORANGE over the past 8 years. This collection has been slated to be shown at Circuit 12 Gallery on Dragon Street in Dallas this November 2014.  The Orange will be performing a few songs acoustic at the gallery. More information on the art show will be posted in the next month.


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Umm, yea...

Well, tomorrow morning I'm packing it up and heading to California with my sister with a bunch of guitars and clothes in the trunk for a week of fun. I'm stoked to say the least. I've driven to New York before and from what I gather Los Angeles is about the same distance. I want to be sure and get a good picture of the desert, see the coast, hang out at the beach and of course... play an awesome show, shoot a music video and generally vibe out. I need a vacation... a sojourn of sorts.  I know this is sort of a working vacation with THE ORANGE but come on, we're going to have a ball. The rest of THE ORANGE will be flying in on Sunday giving Melissa and I Saturday to check out Disneyland. Funny enough, I've never actually been to California before.  If you're in the area or a long lost friend I haven't seen in 10 years, hit me up and we'll play catch up. If you have any suggestions of totally kick ass places I should go when I'm there don't hesitate to tell me! We are playing at the Silverlake Lounge on Sunset Blvd this coming Tuesday May 27th. I love long road trips.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Guitars and Pedals

Hey guys, this is Kirk. So, this last weekend I finally got to catch up on a few things that I have been meaning to do.  First off, I cleaned up and reorganized my pedal board.
It was a mess before, I didn't think to take a before picture.  Now it is all nice and organized.  It makes me happy lol.  And it should make shows go a little smoother since I was able to condense some of my setup.

So after I finished my pedal board, I worked on my Fender Jaguar.  I have been having problems with it causing major feedback and sounding very weak.  So, I figured out that raising the pickups might help.  When I finished that, I plugged it in, turned up the volume and rocked out.  It sounded much better. Hopefully you'll be able to see it a show pretty soon.

My last task was to set the intonation on my Gibson SG (Scott isn't the only one that has an SG).  I had already started messing with it a few months ago, so I knew I couldn't make it any worse, and I wanted to continue learning how to do it by actually doing it.  I know it's not perfect and a professionally could do a much better job, but I'd like to think it's pretty close.  So now that it is all set up, I may put it in my rotation of guitars I play at shows.  We'll see how it sounds at practice.

So that was some of what I did with my weekend.  Also, I should mention that all this was inspired by a website I recently found -  www.tonereport.com.  There is a "Do It Yourself" section that tells you how to improve and do almost anything to a guitar that you could want. Anyway, that's all for now.  Later y'all...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

THE ORANGE BLOG back online!

Hey everyone, we apologize for the lack of updates on THE ORANGE BLOG over the past few months but we've been super busy doing things outside the digital world. After another round of amazing shows around Texas we are headed to California at the end of May to film our first music video for the single, "Mr. Moneymaker"with music video producer and newly relocated Los Angeles transplant Dina De La Roche. We are departing on May 25th and will be sneaking in a very special show at The Silverlake Lounge in L.A. with our old friends Kill The Dance Floor! Our first full length record is finished and being mixed. We are sending it off for mastering in the coming weeks. A tentative record release date is looking like the first week of September. In the meantime we have booked dates  in Austin, Tyler, Ft. Worth, Dallas and of course Los Angeles over the course of the summer before it's release.

      We have discovered a great crew of bands while playing around Texas these past few months you should check out. There is a great band from Tyler called Babe that have an incredibly awesome and original sound. They remind me a bit of Animal Collective but with more guitar sustain.  We played with Babe at Click's in Tyler TX recently and they were nice enough to put my sister and I up for the night after an awesome party that lasted into the wee hours of morning. The drummer Dan let us crash on he and his roommate's couches after we spent the early hours of morning talking and sharing music. One of his roommates looked familiar and then it turned out that he was the old bassist for the band Eisley. That sense of old-school community that some musicians still have is really an awesome thing. It makes playing shows on the road so much more fun and exciting and we really appreciate it.  Not many bands are like that these days.  Babe will be performing with THE ORANGE in Dallas at Double-Wide July 5th. Don't miss them!

      So SXSW 2014 was kind of strange this year to say the least. After THE ORANGE played The Curtain Club early this March, our bass player Jason Jessup and his girlfriend Lisa were in a terrible car accident on the way home. Jason messed up his hand and almost lost all of his gear. It's really a miracle he wasn't seriously injured the car looked so awful. What an terrible way to end such an awesome action packed night. I swear it felt like the room was moving the crowd was so wild. Jason and Lisa were okay but needed rest. The next night we played acoustic at Lola's and opened for the legendary Ian Moore. Originally we were scheduled to play electric but with Jason still at the hospital  that wasn't really an option. We played our acoustic numbers that night and the crowd really seemed to enjoy the set.  After that gig I set off for Austin just to enjoy SXSW.  It was not exactly a planned trip and hotel rooms were probably sparse so I called my old friend William and stayed with him a few days. The night I arrived William and I were walking down 6th Street to East Austin when we saw an arsenal of firetrucks and ambulances race down the access road off 35. We wondered what all the chaos was and then later that night when we got back and flipped on the TV we saw the awful news. Two people killed on the scene and 24 others injured as a DWI offender broke through barricades and ran over SXSW concert goers by Stubb's and The Mohawk. It was unbelievable because William and I were thinking of heading that way right before it happened. We were just incredibly fortunate not to have been involved or even worse.  Over the next few days SXSW goers seemed to try and have a good time but something strange and terrible hung in the air which kept moods somewhat subdued. William introduced me to this awesome band from Philadelphia named Nothing and they had recently signed to Relapse Records. They were incredible. They sound like a mix of My Bloody Valentine and Poison The Well if could imagine that. Other highlights of SXSW was running into Damon Albarn (singer of Gorrilaz, Blur, ect.) and not saying anything! I wasn't sure if it was him or not! and then having a beer at the bar of the Driskal Hotel and William and I listening to a couple of journalists interview the lead guitarist of Gorillaz / bassist of Beady Eye less than 2 feet away. I wanted to say hi, but didn't get a chance these guys were firing questions off at him so fast! Oh well, it was cool to see him there anyway.  Overall we had a good time but next year THE ORANGE will be playing.

   After SXSW I came home and started working on the mixing process for our new record and somehow we all wrote three new songs ("Skin", "Push", "The Drift"). We played all three at both Three Links with Spacecamp and then again at Trees with Team for both bands CD Release parties. Both shows were a lot of fun and filled with surprise attendees that I haven't seen in years. That always makes me feel good.  Overall we feel these three new songs are really the future of THE ORANGE and are written in the best way possible, all members contributing. All three will be featured in our July 5th set at Double-Wide.

    So that's pretty much it from our side of the pond. I think we as a band are just ready to finally release this record and get things rolling later this year. Thanks for being so patient with us and for the absolutely awesome amount of support both fans and friends of the band shower on us. It really helps keep things moving. If you're in the Los Angeles area, come see our debut and maybe you can be in our new music video. The first round at Silverlake Lounge is on us!


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

THRWD Magazine gets down with THE ORANGE

THRWD Magazine and THE ORANGE have teamed up to bring you the best music in Dallas hosted at the coolest rock club around. While local favorites THE ORANGE are putting the final touches on their first full length record, Party Static and Cutter are holding steady as the hottest acts in Dallas and happen to be featured in THRWD magazine's next edition. Meanwhile Slumberbuzz have been asked to join the party as the champion band of the ever growing Ft. Worth music scene. Opening the night are the new Dallas based psych band The Pillars. Get there early for drink specials and stay late to hang at the THRWD art party upstairs in the loft and see THE ORANGE. See you there Dallas!
21+ $10 17+ $13