Tuesday, November 13, 2012

THE ORANGE Christmas Extravaganza! @ THE GRANADA December 15th 2012 (FREE TICKETS)

Hey kiddos, how the hell is everyone doing? We here at ORANGE central have been working hard at Reel Time Audio in Denton laying down the most delightful sounding album this city  has seen released since Flickerstick dropped Welcoming Home the Astronauts in 2000! I'm serious, this record is going to be sheer gold. Wait and see, you're going to love it. We've also played a few gigs here and there lately. More home town gigs than normal for us so lets recap. Double-wide was a pretty damn excellent show, especially when the lights went out and the crowd sang the chorus of Cityscape to us three times before it all kicked back on. That show was the most fun I've had in years. Lots of close friends, cheap drinks and one hell of a loud time. Then of course there was the acoustic one we did at Trees. What an intimate little scene we had that night. For an acoustic show I must say there we're well over a hundred people there. Buddy Neighbors, our new friend with the voodoo blues chops filled in on Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Mr. Moneymaker to make the two tunes just scream. Cody sang lead on two Peace of Mind and All Going Down. Then we talked Chicago Dan into playing a rain stick and my sister Melissa to hop on the clarinet for Into Me. What a fantastic night. After that show we headlined the big room at The Door in Dallas a week later. We all got a little...wild that night...to say the least. THE ORANGE was loud as shit! I got a message from a friend on Facebook that was standing too close to the stage the next day. Apparently we were rocking so hard she blew out her left ear drum and had to visit the doctor. So I guess that means THE ORANGE is louder than KISS, must be those VOX AC30's. I also jumped off of the drum riser that night, landed funny in my boots and fractured my leg. I walked with a limp for a few days after the show but have managed to walk it off with the help of a few bottles of wine and Chelsea boots. Rock N Roll my friends..Rock N Roll. So for all of you fans and friends alike, THE ORANGE has something very special in store for you this holiday season. To show our appreciation for all the support you give us and loudness you receive from us, we are giving you a free show at the GRANADA!!! December 15th!! THE ORANGE CHRISTMAS PARTY!! Since you all have been good little boys and girls we will be playing TWO sets which shall include just about EVERY ORANGE SONG EVER! All you need to do is send an EMAIL to me (Scott) and I will mail you tickets to our big Christmas extravaganza! I need to know how many tickets you want and WE ARE NOW TAKING SONG REQUESTS! Send your requests and ticket inquiries to reach_scotttucker@yahoo.com
Thanks and have a great holiday season,
See you at The Granada December 15!

Here is a great review  from the Trees gig from our buddy Jordan at The Music Enthusiast

After they finished, I ducked out and headed to another venue one street over. Nothing against the other bands that were playing, but I wanted to see this other band more and if you want to know more about that show, I’ll have a review of it up soon.

I got back right when David Cote was finishing his set, which meant The Orange was up next, and they were the band I was most intrigued to see. If you don’t know The Orange, they aren’t really an acoustic band. They’re high-energy Rock with even a Psychedelic flare to it, so they were definitely going to be out of their element this night.

The Orange began with only three of their members on stage, singer and guitarist, Scott Tucker, guitarist, Kirk Livesay, and drummer, Cody Waits. However, Cody wasn’t doing anything with percussion, instead, he too had an acoustic guitar. They were also joined by the skilled harmonica player and their go-to guy of sorts, Chicago Dan. It sure looked like it was going to be different, and it was, as Scott announced their first song was called, “We’re All Going Down”, and Cody sang it. It was a bit weird to see Scott relegated to being a backing vocalist, but on the flipside, Cody has a really great voice. I was kind of surprised, since it’s easy to think of him as just being a drummer, since that is his typical instrument, but this made it clear his talent goes well beyond that. Their next tune I believe was titled, “Peace of Mind”. Cody again acted as the main singer on it, though it was more co-sung between him and Scott, with the two voices mixing perfectly. I think it was after that song Cody took over his normal role of adding some beats, while they welcomed a guest musician to the stage. His name was Buddy Neighbors, and according to Scott, he’s a legendary Blues guitarist. Scott also said something along the lines of he was the best musician he knew, then added, “…Right after Chicago Dan.” “This is an old Orange song…” he went on to say, telling everyone it was “Kiss, Kiss. Bang, Bang”. For the record, that is one of my all-time favorite Orange songs, like, top three, and it had been years since I last heard it. I never forget about, though, and hoped it would sometime find its way back into the set, as some of the songs off their EP had done after the band got back together. Anyway, the song was every bit as good as I remembered, even done acoustically, and like so many of the bands other songs, it is insanely catchy. At this point, Jason Jessup made his way down the stairs from the green room and to the stage, to add the sounds of his bass to the bands new single, “Mr. Moneymaker”. It was (obviously) toned down, and did lack the high-strung performance that usually accompanies it, but that didn’t mean it was any less good. Upon finishing it, Buddy left the band, while Kirk switched out his guitar for a cello, and Chicago Dan also helped turn the show on its head, by using a rain stick instead of his harmonica. Scott’s sister, Melissa Tucker, also joined them, and she brought a clarinet into the mix. Not that they didn’t have it before, but all of that made sure they had my undivided attention. I missed the name of this last song of their 27-minute long set, but it was truly gorgeous. It didn’t sound like your standard Orange song, but that’s okay, because every band needs to do the occasional song that breaks the mold they cast themselves into, and this one accomplished just that. It was just outstanding, and a most excellent way to cap things off.

I mentioned they were going to be out of their element this night, and while they were, they didn’t at all seem it. Instead, they appeared completely comfortable performing the songs in this setting, like it was something they had done dozens (or even hundreds) of times before. And to be totally honest, I did have some reservations about how this was going to go, but quickly realized I had no reason to have those thoughts. Actually, I’d like to see these acoustic shows become more of a semi regular thing, because in some ways, this was one of the best shows I’ve seen them do.

As of right now, their next show on the books is going to be a FREE one at Sundown at Granada in Dallas on Saturday, December 15th. They are also currently in the studio working on their debut full-length album, so why not go pick up a copy of their first EP, “A Sonic Collection of Stories from La La Land”. That way not only will you have something to whet your appetite for their full-length, you can also help get a little money in their pockets to help with the cost of making a record.

(p.s. No Special Edword songs...unless you beg)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

THE ORANGE Live Acoustic at TREES, Friday October 26th (No Cover)

Thanks to everyone for helping fill our show last weekend at The Double-Wide. The best part was when the power went off, the crowd turned on the camera phones and sang the chorus of Cityscape to us three times! What a fantastic show, not to mention Party Static and Obscured By Echoes were some of the best bands we've ever played with. Way to kill it! Next up, Clint Barlow at Trees asked THE ORANGE to be part of a very special show he is throwing called, "Trees Powered Down". The show will feature the best local bands playing rare acoustic sets. The songs shall be recorded and featured in a super-cool compilation CD Trees will be releasing at the end of the year. The date of our show is Friday, October 26th. The best part..No Cover! If you enjoyed our last acoustic set at The House of Blues in August, you don't want to miss what we have in store for this one. Legendary blues guitarist Buddy Neighbors will be filling in with us for the occasion and he is not one to be missed! In other news the record is coming right along. We will be posting studio pictures later this week. Everyone be safe.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

THE ORANGE Update: Trees, The House Of Blues, The New Record and A Great Book To Read!

Photos By Gabe Guevara
Ladies and gentleman. The date is September 20th and the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of music, good weather, bad weather, books and Rock n' Roll antics. First off, I have to thank everyone for helping us have such a fantastic run of sold out shows lately. It's been crazy. We've been playing 3 new songs that are coming out on the new album and the response has been fantastic. Mr. Moneymaker, Valium and I Want A Girl have really received a wonderful reception. We are still working on the new record with Eric Delegard at Reel Time Audio in Denton and we couldn't be happier as a band. Yes, our shows are wild and you never know what's going to happen either during or after and ORANGE gig but that's just Rock n' Roll and honestly we embrace it. The Bowling for Soup guys were all sweethearts and very nice to play with. Trees was top notch and the crowd was electric. Various clips of THE ORANGE playing our set have been posted on YouTube by different audience members. Pretty cool stuff too. To check them out just type: "THE ORANGE DALLAS TREES" under the search engine and a few different ones should pop up. Also our new Tshirts and hoodies seem to be selling pretty well. Even I have to admit they are the coolest Tshirts this band has ever produced. Over the course of the past few shows we have also had some professional photographers come and shoot us and what they have done has been great. Thanks to Jana Moore, Gabe Guevara and Jenna. Here are some of our favorites.


Photos by Jana Moore

The night we played at Trees, Eddie Henderson and our buddy Dave Ramsey filmed the show and put together this really great video of various clips and songs from the gig. Not a bad little piece of video editing if I may say so myself.


After this weekend I received a book in the mail that had been ordered for me as a gift. The book is entitled, " Bit Of A Blur" by the English band Blur's bass guitarist, Alex James. The book is fabulous. I can't put it down. I recommend it to anyone who ever wants to play in a band or is currently in a band... ever. I've really grown to think that Blur is probably one of the three best bands of the 1990's. Their story is fascinating. Whether or not you like Blur's music you should read this book.

Last but certainly not least I have had several Emails from fans and friends that are just now discovering THE ORANGE and want to know where to buy or download our music. The link to our last EP is right below. Simply follow the link to itunes and don't be fooled by the other Orange bands! We're the only one worth buying a record from!

 Everyone have a safe and fun weekend and We'll be seeing you soon at The Doublewide in October!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

500X Gallery Members Show: Awesome Sculpture by Jonathan Snow

We were hanging out last night around Deep Ellum and went to a few art openings and came across this awesome sculpture titled, Inside by 500X Gallery Member Jonathan Snow. The amount of detail inside the head is really stunning. There is a miniature diorama of a hallway with doors and working lights and everything. You can interpret the hallways of the mind whichever way you want, it's just really cool. Go check it out if you have a chance. It's even better in person. I think the group show runs until the end of the month. The sculpture is priced upon request.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

THE ORANGE Plays Main Support For Bowling For Soup! for Trees 3 Year Anniversary Show!

Do you love Trees as much as we do? If so, this is one concert you don't want to miss! The Orange has been asked to help celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Trees re-opening with Bowling For Soup. Tickets are only $3 and it's near sellout capacity! Follow the link to get your tickets before they're all gone.

follow link: http://treesdallas.frontgatetickets.com/choose.php?a=1&lid=71780&eid=81127


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

THE ORANGE @ Northpark Mall for Fashion's Night Out Thursday Night!

THE ORANGE Sells Out House Of Blues Foundation Room Friday Night!

Hell yea! We want to extend a special thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated with us Friday night to the point that we reached maximum occupancy at Foundation Room. It certainly was a night to remember. We hope everyone got home safe after that wild show, especially those who drove in from out of town. We also want to apoligize to all who couldn't get in the door for one reason or another. Email us if you were not able to get up to the room and we'll put you on our VIP list for the upcoming Trees show. Here are some choice pictures from the event!

Scott Tucker

Scott Tucker

Cody Waits

Kirk Livesay

Tyler Spears

Melissa Tucker

Scott Tucker

Kirk Livesay

Scott Tucker

THE ORANGE with Dan and Jason

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Get on THE ORANGE VIP LIST and you can be just as cool as Nick's girlfriend Alex! Get free tickets, updates and special membership promos...like last minute tickets to see us at Trees almost sold out 3 year aniversary show September 15th with Bowling For Soup!
Subscribe at: THE-ORANGE-VIP-LIST-subscribe@yahoogroups.com


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blur: Olympic Closing Ceremony and Is It Really Over For The Britpop Giants?

If you have hung out with me once in the past 3 years you probably know that I'm a bit of an anglophile sporting Paul Smith suits, rambling on about Damien Hirst or Oscar Wilde and listening to pretty much nothing else but English music. Of that music there is one band that will always hold a special place in my orange heart..that's right Blur! It's funny to me when I talk about Blur to an American the only song they recall is Song #2, a song written as a joke in a 30 minute jam while waiting for new speakers to be delivered to their studio. I specifically remember asking a "hip" DJ to play Blur once and getting a nasty, "Blur, Really? I don't have any Blur." retort before spinning the everlasting Justice jangle, D.A.N.C.E. My point is for god sakes Blur's fucking great man! The groups work outside of Song #2 is nothing less than brilliant. Blur just releasing a 21 disk box set full of goodies that I'm waiting to purchase on July 31st. Here they are about to play the Olympics Closing Ceremony and here is Blur rumored to never play another show after this. The concert is set August 12th around London, thousands of miles from where I will be quietly weeping and wishing I was at Hyde Park. Here is the lowdown fellow britpop champions:

The newly reformed rockers will be headlining a special gig to mark the closing ceremony, however they insist this is only to please their fans.
Blur have spoken out about their dislike of the Olympics' commercialism (PA)
Frontman Damon Albarn told The Sun that he found the emphasis on branding and advertising at this year's Games to be 'depressing'.
'I'm just anti the capitalism of it all. We're not doing the gig for the corporate side of the Olympics, we're doing it for the human beings,' he said.
'It feels like you're drowning in commercialism at the moment. It's depressing. But I am into the table tennis so I would like to get some tickets for that. It would be an inspiration to see it at that level,' the singer revealed.
His bandmate Dave Rowntree admitted he'd scored tickets to a show jumping event, however Grahan Coxon said he was worried he'd have to miss out on the diving competition, despite booking seats.
'I've got tickets for the diving but that's the day before we go to Margate for a gig. We have a massive rehearsal so I don't think I can go,' he grumbled.
Blur will be taking to the stage at London's Hyde Park on August 12th alongside The Specials and New Order.
And here are a few of my favorite Blur songs...Besides Song #2!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Roll Out The Red Carpets, The Orange Event at HOB Foundation Room Dallas, August 31st

We are throwing a very swanky party in celebration of THE ORANGE finally starting tangible recording sessions with a Grammy winning producer Eric Delegard for our upcoming full length release. On August 31st you don't have to be a member of The House Of Blues Foundation Room to party with us! We're putting your name on the list and every friend of THE ORANGE is invited. We feel that it has taken us so long to actually make this record happen we owe this party to all of you who keep supporting and filling our shows year after year. So this is how it is going to work, There is no cover and you don't have to be a member to attend, however you will need a password to get on the elevator and meet the dress code requirement. This is a closed event so the password will be released on the Facebook invitation we send out next week. If you do not receive that, please Email me and I'll send you the password. For the event we will be playing a short acoustic set showcasing a few new songs and the addition of several awesome guest musicians. After the performance we will be partying and pumping British tunes all hand picked by THE ORANGE for your enjoyment. We are super excited about the party and even more excited about the new record. Thanks for hanging in so long with us and I'll see you at The Foundation Room August 31st.
Sorry youngsters 21+ only



Friday, May 18, 2012

THE ORANGE Returns to Curtain Club and A Nice Little Review from The Music Enthusiast Blog:

Photo: Jana Moore

In celebration of Opium Symphony's record release, THE ORANGE will be playing The Curtain Club in Deep Ellum Friday, June 8th. Opium Symphony and producer Jim King have worked incredibly hard on this record over the past two years and we are all going to help them roll this party in. You don't want to miss this one. Also, here is a really cool review of our last show at Trees from The Music Enthusiast. Dig it.

 Trees had put together a fairly last minute show that was taking place this night. However, even though it was last minute, they had assembled some pretty killer talent to perform.

There were only three bands on the bill, and a little before ten the first one,
The Orange, got going. I had not seen them in quite some time. I actually think it was when they played here at Trees last July, and they’ve made a few changes since then. The most obvious was their new(er) lead guitarist, Kirk Livesay, and I’m pretty sure bassist, Jason Wessup, is a new addition since I last saw them, too. Then came the audible difference, as the song that opened their 35 minute long set was one I had never heard before. This is a pretty big statement to make, but this could well be the best song The Orange has ever done. It was intense, it was in your face, and it was filled with catchy hooks. I wasn’t expecting anything like this… But wow! By the time they were only a third of the way into this tune, my mind was already completely blown. “This next song is called Such a Drag” said singer and rhythm guitarist, Scott Tucker, as they continued on with their set. Scott ditched his guitar on this song, as he grabbed the mic and ran and jumped about the stage, most of the time singing, but occasionally letting out some more punk sounding screams. When it was done he picked his guitar back up, and began to play a cool riff, while Cody Waits rocked out on the drums. Chicago Dan then joined them on stage, as he approached the stage right mic and began to let the audience hear the sweet sounds of his harmonica. Once he started belting out those notes I thought it made the song feel slightly like an old western movie… It didn’t last long, though. Dan left after helping set up this intro as it turned into a real rock song. Following that one was what Scott said was his “…Favorite Orange song to play.” If memory serves me right the song is titled “Twenty Minutes”, and the minutes long instrumental intro for it is heavenly. This is actually one area that sets The Orange apart from other bands, because they do have a few songs that are as much instrumental as anything which allows you better see what great musicians they are on their respective instruments. Another fan favorite came next, which I’m pretty certain was “Doomsday for Mr. Denton”, while I believe “Cityscapes”, another song with lengthy instrumental parts, ended the set.

This was a hell of a show they put on and ranks as being one of the best (top three) Orange shows I’ve seen. Aside from what I mentioned earlier, I also like how Scott breaks things up during their shows. Going from being a high energy singer and guitar player, to assuming more of a frontman role and really commanding the crowd’s attention while doing it. Speaking of the crowd, there wasn’t much of one for their set, but they didn’t let that keep them from putting on an amazing show.

-The Music Enthusiast

Friday, February 3, 2012

THE ORANGE Opens For ORGY: Tickets On Sale Now @ TREES March 16th 2012

I just remember the time in high school I waited in a freezing cold line at the now defunct Deep Ellum Live to see ORGY and didn't get in because it sold out.  Thank goodness they played Edgefest later that year. Definately one of my favorite bands from that time period. Jay Gordon was a major influence on me as an early frontman. This is the video for my favorite ORGY song, "Stitches" and of course, "Blue Monday" and "Dreams in Digital".
See you at Trees!
ORGY "Stitches"
ORGY "Blue Monday"
ORGY "Fiction" (Dreams in Digital)