Friday, October 21, 2011

THE ORANGE Headlining La Grange with Hoyotoho and Menkena!

Every once in awhile a bill comes along in Dallas that if you know absolutely anything about local music you simply cannot miss! This is one of those specacular moments! On November 5th 2011 the amazing HOYOTOHO fresh off their East Coast Tour will be joining THE ORANGE and the ever so elloquent MENKENA for an absolutley amazing night of the best music Dallas has to offer. There will also be a few VIP ticket givaways occuring on THE ORANGE'S facebook page so stay tuned for that next week. For now check out these music videos from these three amazing bands.

HOYOTOHO- "Virgin Eyes"

THE ORANGE- "Nip/Tuck"

MENKENA- "With You I'll Travel"

2704 Elm St
Dallas, TX 75226, United States
(214) 988-5466


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  1. Maaaan I wanna go - I wish I wasn't doing the 3 day walk that night. That sounds awesome.