Thursday, September 20, 2012

THE ORANGE Update: Trees, The House Of Blues, The New Record and A Great Book To Read!

Photos By Gabe Guevara
Ladies and gentleman. The date is September 20th and the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of music, good weather, bad weather, books and Rock n' Roll antics. First off, I have to thank everyone for helping us have such a fantastic run of sold out shows lately. It's been crazy. We've been playing 3 new songs that are coming out on the new album and the response has been fantastic. Mr. Moneymaker, Valium and I Want A Girl have really received a wonderful reception. We are still working on the new record with Eric Delegard at Reel Time Audio in Denton and we couldn't be happier as a band. Yes, our shows are wild and you never know what's going to happen either during or after and ORANGE gig but that's just Rock n' Roll and honestly we embrace it. The Bowling for Soup guys were all sweethearts and very nice to play with. Trees was top notch and the crowd was electric. Various clips of THE ORANGE playing our set have been posted on YouTube by different audience members. Pretty cool stuff too. To check them out just type: "THE ORANGE DALLAS TREES" under the search engine and a few different ones should pop up. Also our new Tshirts and hoodies seem to be selling pretty well. Even I have to admit they are the coolest Tshirts this band has ever produced. Over the course of the past few shows we have also had some professional photographers come and shoot us and what they have done has been great. Thanks to Jana Moore, Gabe Guevara and Jenna. Here are some of our favorites.


Photos by Jana Moore

The night we played at Trees, Eddie Henderson and our buddy Dave Ramsey filmed the show and put together this really great video of various clips and songs from the gig. Not a bad little piece of video editing if I may say so myself.


After this weekend I received a book in the mail that had been ordered for me as a gift. The book is entitled, " Bit Of A Blur" by the English band Blur's bass guitarist, Alex James. The book is fabulous. I can't put it down. I recommend it to anyone who ever wants to play in a band or is currently in a band... ever. I've really grown to think that Blur is probably one of the three best bands of the 1990's. Their story is fascinating. Whether or not you like Blur's music you should read this book.

Last but certainly not least I have had several Emails from fans and friends that are just now discovering THE ORANGE and want to know where to buy or download our music. The link to our last EP is right below. Simply follow the link to itunes and don't be fooled by the other Orange bands! We're the only one worth buying a record from!

 Everyone have a safe and fun weekend and We'll be seeing you soon at The Doublewide in October!

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