Tuesday, August 5, 2014

THE ORANGE'S "James Bond" now receiving radio play in Berlin, Germany on Lord Litter's Magical Music Box Radio Show

                                            (Lord Litter's Magic Music Box International)

   For all of our German friends and American friends visiting Europe, tune in to Lord Litter's Magical Music Box Radio show on Radio Marabu European Network, Berlin Germany. Mr. Lord Litter has heard The Orange and happens to enjoy our ode to celebrity culture, "James Bond". Even better the, "naughty words" don't have to be edited on European radio stations! Scott can finally say all the bad words he wants to without those ugly splices interupting the songs. To listen in the States through web cast go here: www.radio-marabu.de
   Also, the Northern California based station KWTF will feature, "Mr. Moneymaker" too on Lord Litter's International Magical Music Box Radio Show.  A little closer to home and also available to listen to here: www.KWTF.net

                                             Thank you Lord Litter for all of your support!

                                    (Kirk Livesay recording at Reel Time Audio, Denton TX)

   In other news we have decided to go ahead and record the new Orange song, "Skin" adding it to our  record releasing this fall. We've had great reception of that song and have time to record one more for the album ....so we figured, why the hell not? The rest of the songs are completely mixed and finished and waiting to be sent to either Los Angeles or New York to be mastered. We are trying to decide who should master them. Sterling sound in New York has mastered records by everyone from Prince to The Vines to The Foo Fighters. Most recently they did The Horrors new album (which is amazing) Luminous and I love it. On the other coast of things Tom Baker in Los Angeles has worked with an amazing group of bands and mastered records by Stone Temple Pilots, 30 Seconds To Mars and Nine Inch Nails.  In the next 3 or 4 weeks we will be making a decision and going with it so we can finally get this record out and in stores... and in your hands!

                                    (The Orange at The Silverlake Lounge,  Los Angeles CA)

  After our trip back from Los Angeles we have more or less been taking a break from things. We came home and headlined The Double-Wide with our good friends Babe. Thank you to everyone who came out.  Then Scott, Melissa, Dan and Buddy did a great acoustic show at The Mohawk in Austin with a cool new band called Sonic Underground. That was a great show because of the intimate environment and the great group of old friends from Austin that we had a chance to see. A  flat tire at 4AM on the way back to Dallas from Austin was a real pain in the ass though. Thank god The Waffle House was open. Los Angeles was cool, and the crowd was great but I think we'll prefer playing New York next time we hit a coast. The Viper Room was awesome and it was interesting to see Scott Weiland's bass player there. He's a cool guy. Then Scott and Kirk had a chance to meet Priscilla Presley at the Rainbow Bar and Grill on The Sunset Strip and she was quite nice. That's really about it for that trip.

                                   (Lines of Los Angeles By Scott Tucker: Oil on Canvas, 2014)

  Scott has completed a new collection of paintings and sculptures based on both experiences and songs of THE ORANGE over the past 8 years. This collection has been slated to be shown at Circuit 12 Gallery on Dragon Street in Dallas this November 2014.  The Orange will be performing a few songs acoustic at the gallery. More information on the art show will be posted in the next month.


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