Sunday, November 14, 2010


After a wicked weekend of substantial partying and important bands, playing a show and good freinds, all I can say is..."Hell Yeah" (In Cody's creepy redneck voice) I'm running now on a combined total of 7 hours sleep this weekend. So here is the wrap up.

1. Sorry to the dude upstairs that threatens to call the cops everytime I remotely have a party. ( God forbid you just come over and have a fucking beer!)

2. To The Dandy Warhols, Hoyotoho and Hopewell..................great great great great shows!!!

3. To James can still seriously party, regardless of your present line of work.

4. To Nick...thanks for letting The Funny Leg and I crash your place.. Champagne and a bologne sandwich have never been so good together.

5. To everyone that hung with us this weekend, we should probably do the same things in about five days.
And of course thanks to everyone who came out to see THE ORANGE in Denton Friday night!


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