Friday, May 18, 2012

THE ORANGE Returns to Curtain Club and A Nice Little Review from The Music Enthusiast Blog:

Photo: Jana Moore

In celebration of Opium Symphony's record release, THE ORANGE will be playing The Curtain Club in Deep Ellum Friday, June 8th. Opium Symphony and producer Jim King have worked incredibly hard on this record over the past two years and we are all going to help them roll this party in. You don't want to miss this one. Also, here is a really cool review of our last show at Trees from The Music Enthusiast. Dig it.

 Trees had put together a fairly last minute show that was taking place this night. However, even though it was last minute, they had assembled some pretty killer talent to perform.

There were only three bands on the bill, and a little before ten the first one,
The Orange, got going. I had not seen them in quite some time. I actually think it was when they played here at Trees last July, and they’ve made a few changes since then. The most obvious was their new(er) lead guitarist, Kirk Livesay, and I’m pretty sure bassist, Jason Wessup, is a new addition since I last saw them, too. Then came the audible difference, as the song that opened their 35 minute long set was one I had never heard before. This is a pretty big statement to make, but this could well be the best song The Orange has ever done. It was intense, it was in your face, and it was filled with catchy hooks. I wasn’t expecting anything like this… But wow! By the time they were only a third of the way into this tune, my mind was already completely blown. “This next song is called Such a Drag” said singer and rhythm guitarist, Scott Tucker, as they continued on with their set. Scott ditched his guitar on this song, as he grabbed the mic and ran and jumped about the stage, most of the time singing, but occasionally letting out some more punk sounding screams. When it was done he picked his guitar back up, and began to play a cool riff, while Cody Waits rocked out on the drums. Chicago Dan then joined them on stage, as he approached the stage right mic and began to let the audience hear the sweet sounds of his harmonica. Once he started belting out those notes I thought it made the song feel slightly like an old western movie… It didn’t last long, though. Dan left after helping set up this intro as it turned into a real rock song. Following that one was what Scott said was his “…Favorite Orange song to play.” If memory serves me right the song is titled “Twenty Minutes”, and the minutes long instrumental intro for it is heavenly. This is actually one area that sets The Orange apart from other bands, because they do have a few songs that are as much instrumental as anything which allows you better see what great musicians they are on their respective instruments. Another fan favorite came next, which I’m pretty certain was “Doomsday for Mr. Denton”, while I believe “Cityscapes”, another song with lengthy instrumental parts, ended the set.

This was a hell of a show they put on and ranks as being one of the best (top three) Orange shows I’ve seen. Aside from what I mentioned earlier, I also like how Scott breaks things up during their shows. Going from being a high energy singer and guitar player, to assuming more of a frontman role and really commanding the crowd’s attention while doing it. Speaking of the crowd, there wasn’t much of one for their set, but they didn’t let that keep them from putting on an amazing show.

-The Music Enthusiast

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