Thursday, July 26, 2012

Roll Out The Red Carpets, The Orange Event at HOB Foundation Room Dallas, August 31st

We are throwing a very swanky party in celebration of THE ORANGE finally starting tangible recording sessions with a Grammy winning producer Eric Delegard for our upcoming full length release. On August 31st you don't have to be a member of The House Of Blues Foundation Room to party with us! We're putting your name on the list and every friend of THE ORANGE is invited. We feel that it has taken us so long to actually make this record happen we owe this party to all of you who keep supporting and filling our shows year after year. So this is how it is going to work, There is no cover and you don't have to be a member to attend, however you will need a password to get on the elevator and meet the dress code requirement. This is a closed event so the password will be released on the Facebook invitation we send out next week. If you do not receive that, please Email me and I'll send you the password. For the event we will be playing a short acoustic set showcasing a few new songs and the addition of several awesome guest musicians. After the performance we will be partying and pumping British tunes all hand picked by THE ORANGE for your enjoyment. We are super excited about the party and even more excited about the new record. Thanks for hanging in so long with us and I'll see you at The Foundation Room August 31st.
Sorry youngsters 21+ only


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